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Less is More

Desert Mirage was designed with one idea in mind: Minimalism!

It is amazing what one can get with a glass, fine sand, wood, light and minimalist idea.
Whether you are in a need for a intimate nightlight, new piece in your office, calming distraction or just a conversation starter, look no more.

The only problem with Desert Mirage is that you can not get only one of those things.. it comes in a package, so please forgive us :).


Simple and Effective

Steps to get the most out of Desert Mirage:

  1. Begin by gently shaking the cabinet to evenly disperse air bubbles.
  2. Chose whether you want it to stand vertically or horizontally
  3. Allow it to rest undisturbed for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Once the sand has settled, turn it upside down and enjoy the show.

At night, you should connect it to the adapter and turn the switch on.
For extra effect, the room lights should be turned off.

*If there are few air bubbles, please let the quicksand stand still to the bottom, the air bubbles are on the top, and then shake, it will generate more small air bubbles, and it will flow more slowly.
*For quicksand to be slower, you can use a syringe to inject air into it, so that it has more bubbles.

Perfect Night Companion

The dim, ambient light in a room highlights mesmerizing appeal.
It provides you with intimate light and beautiful sight.
Light reflection creates a soothing and beautiful glimmering effect,
making your room a pure ambiental paradise.
It’s calming presence initiates the feeling of joy and happiness, warmth and intimacy.
Desert Mirage is not just a product, it’s your ticket to a tranquil, enchanting world!


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Quality Assurance:

Desert Mirage is crafted with precision and durability in mind, so it withstands the test of time.
We stand behind the quality of our product and vouch for a lot of great days and illuminated nights.


Perfect gift!

I have never seen my dad so happy.
He truly loves compact and beautiful pieces, and it seems that I hit the spot :).

I had to say thank you,


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Additional information

Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions15 × 4,5 × 20 cm

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red

25 reviews for Desert Mirage

  1. Nora

    Beautiful, the way the sand falls is super cute and relaxing…., it brings two system s to place the artifact: with the light system (the wooden base); And without light with an acrylic base (two legs). It also brings a syringe in case the device requires water filling.

  2. J***

    Great product. super packed, very safe. works. looks great, probably better than in the picture. I am very pleased. I recommend.

  3. Al*******

    Perfect… Very well packed for transport! Delivered with a syringe to control the amount of air and therefore the flow of sand, instructions for use and plastic pedestals in addition to the luminous wooden base… Thank you

  4. Pearl

    Excellent everything. Early arrival and very good product. Good terminations. Very satisfied.

  5. N.J.P

    This was a nice addition to my craft room, fun to play with!
    Until I dropped and broke it. I will be ordering another……

  6. Tasha

    Beautiful display!
    First, make sure it stays in a space that’s not freezing! When the water or liquid inside
    gets too cold, it runs slow. Setup is simple, just slide the frame into the wooden base. The remote controls the light and its located on the cord. You can actually display either horizontal or vertically but takes a bit for the sand to adjust. It’s very pretty and emits low light.

  7. DIana

    Beautiful night light next to bed. Husband really enjoys. Very relaxing.

  8. Lumobyr

    Very nice sand art, beautiful colors, nice illumination. Creates beautiful landscapes. Only wish it was bigger

  9. Annalise

    Great gift for gift exchanges. Doesn’t take up much space. It’s so pretty with the light on. Only down side is sometimes time moves faster than the sand and you have to give it a nudge.

  10. SkiTronix

    It’s a lot of fun to watch, and you never know what kind of design is going to form — which is all part of the fun. Sometimes it’s mountains, sometimes it’s flatter, textured landscapes. Sometimes the action stops half-way so that you get one landscape floating over another one. It’s very cool.

    But you should make sure that it does not fall.. it almost made my heart stop when it fell, but it did not break :).

  11. Jacob

    This item solves the main issue I have with art in general. You buy a picture and the insipid thing just sits there, day after day, with the same interminable look on its face. At last, the good folks at Feili, and countless others on Amazon, have finally fixed what’s wrong with all art. Flipping this bad boy on any one of it’s amazing 4 sides shuffles the image around like an etch a sketch giving you a new pseudo landscape to procrastinate over for minutes, possibly hours on end if you are a simpleton like me.

  12. Carol

    This was exactly what I was looking for. An early Chrustmas present to myself

  13. SLE

    Gave to my sis for Christmas.

  14. Emma

    My brother is awful to buy gifts for. He’s one of those people who has everything (or just goes out and buys what he needs for himself). Typically, when he opens gifts, he’ll give you a polite “Thanks!” and set the package aside where you know it’s probably going to remain for the next couple of months.

    When my brother opened up this package, he actually went “Oh!” in surprise, took it out, and observed it from multiple angles. It was immediately set up and put on his nightstand for display. I was thrilled!

    So yeah, it makes for a good gift!

    (Also, it arrived in great packaging, great quality, the glass was neat, and the sand already creating unique patterns – well worth the buy)

  15. Cynthia

    Makes different designs with tipping it a little both ways if you’d like

  16. Amy

    This is a beautiful product.
    I was trying to slide it back on the table I had it on and it slipped off the holders and landed on its back. The edges shattered and the middle glass cracked so I had to dispose of it which was sad but all in all beautiful well done piece of art.

  17. Gina

    I bought this for my husband, he loves watching it. It is so peaceful to watch, my husband flips it every morning to watch while he sips his coffee before leaving for work. My 17 yr. Old son even said that’s pretty cool!
    It makes a different pattern everytime you flip it. It flows well, sometimes faster, then slower the next time. Plan to buy more for gifts. 😊
    It is also a beautiful glass display!

  18. gogo

    This is as described and beautiful. The mixtures of sand allow endless, mountain, desert and beachscapes.

  19. momma

    Love it! I’ve bought others that worked ok, but everyone in my office stops to flip it or watch it. The frame with mirroring is really classy, I love it. Seems all of these sand frames have issues with air in them, but this one has a lot less than most.

  20. Lisa

    This product is a gift ….very pretty

  21. evans

    I got this for myself, but it would also make a great gift. I have a fairly drab office so I added this. It adds a bit of glimmering glamour to the space. I turn it and create a new sandy landscape each morning and during the day if I want to take a little break. It is very nice.

  22. amber

    Very expensive looking. Flows nice so far.

  23. Jake

    It looks like a quality product. I’m happy w my purchase.

  24. John

    It’s very well made, relaxing to watch.

  25. Ante

    It truly helps me with anxiety! Thank you!

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