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Our Mission

Beautiful Lights Awaken Feelings Of Happiness And Awareness

Everybody knows the importance of light; All life on earth depends on it, our health, wellbeing, cycles of oceans, air, weather.. it all depends on it.

Human kind loves lights because humans appreciate beauty; some of us consciously and some of us subconsciously.
We want to bring that appreciation to conscious level, uplift your days and illuminate your nights.
Make your space more delicate during the day, and to combine that elegance with warm light during the night.

Our mission is to use the beauty of light and make something special out of it.
Items we provide are testament of quality, beauty and attentiveness.

We put huge effort to make shopping experience as secure, smooth and enjoyable as possible.
Of course you love it like that.
With certainty we can say that you will be happier with our items than without, it’s been proven :).

Check out our Desert Mirage and bring light to your nights!

About GTrends

Omiška ulica 12, 10000
Zagreb, Croatia
Ante Šućur

T: +385 97 740 1490
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