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Desert Mirage

Welcome to Dreamy Light Delights.
Indulge in wonderful combination of cascading sand and shimmering light.
Experience breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of your home!

Warm Light

Calming, captivationg & soothing

Desert Mirage is a wonderful mixture of light and earth.
Peculiar art that makes your place special.
Relaxing poetry in motion illuminated with warm light.

Appealing Design

Exquisite design with graceful details.

Illuminate Your Nights

Special night companion with dreamy lights.

Quality Stand

Beautiful solid wood stand.

Simple and Effective

USB charger with on and off switch.

Elegant and Delicate

Transcends Day and Night

On day piece of art,
Shining spectacle during the night,
Makes the stress depart,
Brings peace to your heart.

TV Table decoration

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From $60 $30

About GTrends

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Zagreb, Croatia
Ante Šućur

T: +385 97 740 1490
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